Our Sales Representatives

You can contact any of our salespeople to place an order, and any of our employees with questions. We primarily do relationship sales where our customers have a sales representative who is responsible for facilitating their personal industrial supply needs as we work on building our internet platform.

Paul Locke, President/Sales

Email: Pelind1291@gmail.com
Cell: (716) 864-2127


Suzanne Yencer, Sales

Email: Suziepelind@gmail.com
Cell: (716) 870-1695


Katherine O, Customer Service Rep.

Email: pelind.katherine@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 847-0072


Rachel Locke, Vice President/Secretary

Email: Pelaccts.rlocke@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 847-0072


Jerrod Locke, Accounts Payable/Receivable

Email: Pelaccts.rlocke@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 847-0072

About PEL Industrial Supply

PEL is a Buffalo-based and family owned distributor of industrial supplies. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide excellent customer service. We have an extensive stock of fasteners, abrasives, cutting tools and safety supplies for application in manufacturing, automotive, industrial, construction, and maintenance services.

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