3 & 4-way Connectors

3-way connectors


22-18 3-pc Nylon Insulated 3-Way
16-14 3-pc Nylon Insulated 3-Way
12-10 3-pc Nylon Insulated 3-Way
12-10 Heat Shrink 3-Way
22-18 Heat Shrink 3-Way
16-14 Heat Shrink 3-Way
16-14 Nylon Insulated 3-Way
12-10 Vinyl Insulated 3-Way
12-10 Nylon Insulated 3-Way
22-18 Vinyl Insulated 3-Way
22-18 Nylon Insulated 3-Way
16-14 Vinyl Insulated 3-Way

4-way connectors


22-18 3-pc Nylon Insulated 4-Way
16-14 3-pc Nylon Insulated 4-Way
12-10 3-pc Nylon Insulated 4-Way
22-18 Heat Shrink 4-Way
16-14 Heat Shrink 4-Way
12-10 Heat Shrink 4-Way
22-18 Vinyl Insulated 4-Way
22-18 Nylon Insulated 4-Way
16-14 Vinyl Insulated 4-Way
16-14 Nylon Insulated 4-Way
12-10 Vinyl Insulated 4-Way
12-10 Nylon Insulated 4-Way

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